09 November 2009

Jo blogs

If you haven't already, go ahead and check out Jo's blog. It's very interesting and certainly gets updated a lot more often than this one. While you're there be sure to read and absorb Jo's rules for getting dressed. The less fashion faux pas we have, the better.

16 September 2009

This is futile

I knew this would happen. Australia beat England in a one-dayer again last night. Ricky Ponting made a century and Mitchell Johnson brought up the winning runs with a six. That makes it 5-0 in the seven match series. We are absolutely caning them and for what? Usually I'd be lapping this up with a spoon, but it's just so hollow this time.

We are going to end up winning 7-0 and saying "You guys suck. We caned you from here to next week.", and they're going to say "Of course you did. We are all still drunk from that huge party we had when WE WON BACK THE ASHES!"

The smug, stinking, limey, pork pie eating, pastey-faced, bottom-feeders.

16 August 2009

Not a racist joke

Q: What do you call 200 white guys chasing one black guy?

A: The PGA Tour.

Incidentally, how does that guy find time to win all those golf tournaments and be President of the United States at the same time?

13 June 2009

Hair Update

Well, it has been three months since the shearing session and I think I'm about ready for a haircut.

Yes, sadly, I really am that grey.

09 June 2009

Knock-knock joke

We have all heard many, many knock-knock jokes and, from my observation, they are mostly corny at best. I have heard very few knock-knock jokes in my time that I would actually call funny. Although, as Garfield the cat once said, funny is in the eye of the beholder.

So you might not think this joke is funny but I do, and I have never failed to get a laugh when telling it:

Me: Knock-knock.

You: Who’s there?

Me: Interrupting cow.

You: Interrup-


I tried to tell it to my son once while we were sitting at the dinner table, but we kept getting stuck half-way through. For some reason the phrase “interrupting cow” really tickled his funny bone. I would say “interrupting cow” and he would laugh uncontrollably. We must have started over about 15 times. It took at least ten minutes to get through to the punch line, by which time he was all laughed out so it was a bit of an anti-climax. But it was good entertainment for the rest of the family who were watching and laughing along with us.

It’s the best value I have ever had out of a knock-knock joke.

Try it on your friends.

01 April 2009


Watch this video and tell me what you think:

If you are not ROFL, or at least LOL, I will be very surprised.

15 March 2009

My head now looks like this

It's the World's Greatest Shave and you too can look ridiculous while raising money for charity. Me and three other guys had our heads shaved at the local pub on Friday night while raising over $1200 for the Leukaemia Foundation. Just think of all the money I'll save on shampoo and conditioner now.

12 March 2009

My son at the beach

I'm pretty sure he's thinking "It's pink. You got a problem with that?"