20 February 2008

My dream car

Like all fans of the TV show Top Gear, my ultimate dream car is the Aston Martin DB9. It's ludicrously expensive and completely unattainable, but if I had squillions of dollars that's the car I would drive. My other pie-in-the-sky dream car is the BMW 5-series. That's the one I would buy with what was left over if I won the lottery and spent most of the winnings on a big house for my growing family. Realistically, both cars are unattainable for me, but there is nothing wrong with having dreams and there are different levels of dreaming.

At a lower level my dream car is the Ford Fairmont. This is the I-might-be-able-to-afford-it-one-day-if-I-work-really-hard dream car that I have always considered to be realistically attainable, "one day". Well, blog fans, I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of this car. Well, not that exact car, but that make and model. Mine is white. She's nowhere near brand new, but she is in very good shape and she goes like a dream. I've had her for a few weeks now and I couldn't be happier with her, but she needs a name.

Any suggestions?

05 February 2008

Yes, we had no bananas

Two years ago, a cyclone caused a banana shortage in Australia and the price of bananas soared. We had to stop buying bananas for about a year because we could no longer afford them. A few months into the shortage my brother, ignoring the risk of possible financial ruin, decided that he had gone without bananas long enough and went to the supermarket to treat himself. He read the sign saying "Bananas $9 a kilo" and tried to calculate how many bananas it would take to make up a kilo. He rationalised that half a kilo would be plenty and that $4.50 would be an acceptable sacrifice. Then he noticed that he had mis-read the sign. It actually said "Bananas $9 each". Stunned, my brother had an epiphany; he suddenly realised that he could live without bananas after all. He calmly put down the $36 worth of bananas he had been holding and exited the store.