13 July 2008

See Marty run

My preparations for this year's City-Bay fun run are, shall we say, a little bit behind schedule. I'd like to say that I'm ahead of where I was at this time last year because I didn't start training last year until August, but since I haven't started training yet this year I'm really no better off at this stage.

If I'm to put in a better performance than last year's debacle, I'll have to extract the digit pronto. I've been planning to get started for about six weeks now, but there always seems to be a reason (or excuse) why I can't start today. Either we've got visitors or I'm too busy or the wife's too busy so I have to look after the kids or I'm feeling sick or it's too cold. A couple of times it actually rained. You can't go out running in the rain. Not unless you're a crazy person.

I've been talking about training strategy with my brother in law. He's a football umpire and the most accomplished runner I know, having completed the 2001 City-Bay in 40 minutes and 40 seconds. He gave me some good advice about how to prepare for this year's event, but that was several weeks ago now and I've forgotten what he said. Sorry Jack. Send me an e-mail to remind me, would you?

If anyone else has any training or motivational tips, I'd love to hear them.

07 July 2008

How I feel right now

A little polar bear goes to his mummy and says “Mummy, am I a polar bear?” Mummy says “Yes dear, you’re a polar bear.”
“I’m not a grizzly bear or a Russian dancing bear or a little brown bear?”
“No dear. You’re a polar bear.”

The little polar bear goes to his daddy and says “Daddy, am I a polar bear?” Daddy says “Yes mate, you’re a polar bear.”
“I’m not a black bear or a panda bear or a koala bear or anything?”
“No mate. You’re a polar bear.”

“Well, why I am I so friggin’ cold?!!”

Yes I know it's an old joke and you've probably heard it lots of times before. I'm just reminding you of it.

What's your favourite joke?