18 January 2015

I Must Be Losing It

I went to Rivers the other day to buy a pair of navy blue chinos. I already have a pair of cream chinos from Rivers and they are very comfortable. More importantly, they fit me quite well. It's very difficult for a man of my height and build (very slim) to find trousers that fit "off the rack". Fortunately, Rivers chinos come in two leg lengths, and the long ones fit me.

So anyway, I went to to Rivers and found the navy blue chinos on the rack, found my size, took them to the fitting room and tried them on. They fit so I bought them.

I wore my new navy blue chinos to work the next day. I wear a uniform at work so I changed when I arrived, then at the end of my shift, I changed back into my own clothes. Then I went straight to Fab Lab where I spent a couple of hours chatting with friends.

On the walk back from Fab Lab to the carpark, I looked down at my navy blue chinos and noticed something which surprised me:

They are black!

I don't mean they are such a dark shade of navy blue that they could be mistaken for black. They are as black as the ace of spades. How is that even possible?  Is this what happens when you get old? Your eyes play tricks on you? Or everything just fades to black and white? Don't tell me that I need glasses because I don't. Even if I did, glasses don't fix colour perception. What fixes absent-mindedness?

I'm keeping the black chinos because, like I said, they are comfortable and they fit. I'm just glad that I didn't wear them to work and Fab Lab with a brown belt and brown shoes, because I almost did.

09 November 2009

Jo blogs

If you haven't already, go ahead and check out Jo's blog. It's very interesting and certainly gets updated a lot more often than this one. While you're there be sure to read and absorb Jo's rules for getting dressed. The less fashion faux pas we have, the better.

16 September 2009

This is futile

I knew this would happen. Australia beat England in a one-dayer again last night. Ricky Ponting made a century and Mitchell Johnson brought up the winning runs with a six. That makes it 5-0 in the seven match series. We are absolutely caning them and for what? Usually I'd be lapping this up with a spoon, but it's just so hollow this time.

We are going to end up winning 7-0 and saying "You guys suck. We caned you from here to next week.", and they're going to say "Of course you did. We are all still drunk from that huge party we had when WE WON BACK THE ASHES!"

The smug, stinking, limey, pork pie eating, pastey-faced, bottom-feeders.

16 August 2009

Not a racist joke

Q: What do you call 200 white guys chasing one black guy?

A: The PGA Tour.

Incidentally, how does that guy find time to win all those golf tournaments and be President of the United States at the same time?

13 June 2009

Hair Update

Well, it has been three months since the shearing session and I think I'm about ready for a haircut.

Yes, sadly, I really am that grey.